Topaz Recording Studios - 1978 to 1984 & 2002 to Present

IT @ TRS (Scroll down and click a bar to view more):

I designed, installed, serviced and maintained the network at TRS. A small ad- hoc wired/wireless system on a star topology, with both a secure connection for administration and a non -secure "Guest" access point for clients of the studio. The system consisted of two custom desktop workstations that I built.

Devices included

  • 2 Custom buid - High performance PC's
  • Cisco and Netgear routers (802.11g and later 802.11n)
  • Netgear Switch
  • Wireless Print Server (Netgear)
  • One wired printer (running off Netgear Print Server)
  • One HP Multi-Function Wireless Printer/Copier/Scanner


I made a few modifications since this photo... i.e. new 19" HD Monitor screens
and another pair of audio monitors (Vintage - Auratones).


Joe in Studio

Songwriter Joe Boettger recording a scratch vocal for his song demo recording.


About TRS (Scroll down and click a bar to view more):

Topaz Recording Studio is a state of the art recording facility. Although I do play guitar and drums a bit, my passion is in the technology involved and the music being made.

Below you can see pictures of the studio then and today.

I have recorded many artists and even more songs over the year in every genre you can imagine.

Below is a music video I did on a $900 budget. I also Wrote the video script, directed the shoot, edited the shots, recorded the music at my studios, produced, edited, mixed and mastered the music too. The budget covered the costs of a makeup artist and a professional cameraman (single camera shoot) on location for one day. The budget included food & beverages for the day as well. Such a beautiful day too, it was in the upper 90's and sunny the entire day. We were on location the whole day until sunset as seen in the video.

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TRS Then (Scroll down and click a bar to view more):

Me at Topaz in early daysIt all started when my older brother was in a band called Jacobs Kelly. It was one of many he had been in. He went out and bought recording equipment and  needed someone to run it for them while they recorded. He asked me. Well I was hooked on technology after that.

Pictured right is me at the console in the early days of Topaz when owned by my brother.

The economy in Flint was not good in the late 70's and I decided to move to Houston. Shortly after doing so, I found that my brother wanted to sell his studio equipment. I called him and made arrangements to buy it and the name along with the name Broken Records which was the label he founded to put out Jacobs Kellys album. I also got the masters to that album.



Pictured left is the drumbooth at the early Topaz Studios. I would love to have those mics that are on that floor tom (MD421 by Sennheizer) and the one on those cymbals(Elctro-Voice RE20).

TRS Now (click bar to view):

Studio 2011

Above is the control room pictured in 2011 and below is the live room in 2011. The studio drum kit is a six piece Pearl Master-Studio Series set. With Pearl's "Eliminator" series Double-kick pedals and highthat.

Live room

Job Description (Scroll down and click a bar to view more):

Engineer, design, acquisition, build (and/or assemble), audio/video recording, editing, mixing and mastering systems and facilities.
Recruit and hire recording engineers and staff.
Maintain systems and facilities.
Promote and advertise studio services
Quote and schedule artists and clients
Accounting for income, expenses, payroll, accounts payable/receivable.
Engineer recording, dubbing, editing, mixing and mastering sessions.
Any other duties, which may be necessary.


Norm's Graduation 05/05/2012.

Mott Community College Commencement ceremonies were held at 2 PM on Saturday 05/05/2012 at Peroni Arena and I was there to celebrate two years of hard work, dedication and determination to not only achieve getting an Associates of Applied Science in my Major of "Computer Network Engineering", but by plugging in other courses along the way, picked up four more Degrees, Four Certificate and three certifications