My Photography


I got started in photoraphy at the age of 10. My mother and I were in a drug store (called Pharmacy today) and I saw aphoto 1 Kodak Darkroom kit for sale on an end cap. I asked my mother if I could have one and she bought it for me. I set up in a closet under the stairway to our basement. It was great fun. I continued on with it through 12th grade. In 9th thru 12th grade the high school art department had a darkroom which was well equipted, so I took art for that 4 years and my area of study of course was phtography. Most of my pictures however were lost in a flood about 10 years after I graduated high school.

I have done some video work and some digital photography since then but didn't get back into photography seriously until 2011 when I had the opportunity to take a digital photography class at Mott Community College just because I could only take one class toward my major and had to have two classes for financial aid. This was a great choice for me.

Picture on the right is my father's Harley which I used for transporation when I go visit him. He also has a nice Gold Wing.
I bought a used Canon D30 Digital Single Lens Reflex camera during the summer of 2011 for the photography class I took at Mott Community College.

Every year in August I like to attend the festival of vintage cars in Flint called "Back to The Bricks" it's fun and it was a wonderful opportunity for some pictures. I took this picture while attending in 2011. (at left)

One night our photography class went downtown Flint to shoot night shots and I got this one of the Rowe Engineering building. (right)

I enjoy photography. It has been a great and fun hobby.

This one (left) was selected for The Mott Art Show in 2012. Heavily photoshopped.

Even something as simple as a pitch fork can make an interesting shot. (right)


Or a Steam Engine that powers a saw mill. (right)

I especiallly like this shot of some antique farm equipment lined up in a field. I took several shots of this with varying depths of field and this is the one I liked best. (left)

Steam Engine

Flushing Park

This picture (left) was shot at Flushing County Park after a fresh snowfall on 02/10/2012


Below is a music video I did on a $900 budget. I also Wrote the video script, directed the shoot, edited the shots, recorded the music at my studios, produced, edited, mixed and mastered the music too. The budget covered the costs of a makeup artist and a professional cameraman (single camera shoot) on location for one day. The budget included food & beverages for the day as well. Such a beautiful day too, it was in the upper 90's and sunny the entire day. We were on location the whole day until sunset as seen in the video.

Norm's Graduation 05/05/2012.

Mott Community College Commencement ceremonies were held at 2 PM on Saturday 05/05/2012 at Peroni Arena and I was there to celebrate two years of hard work, dedication and determination to not only achieve getting an Associates of Applied Science in my Major of "Computer Network Engineering", but by plugging in other courses along the way, picked up four more Degrees, Four Certificate and three certifications