My Family

What can I say? I love my family. I have three brothers and one sister and I have one child, a son, Kristopher. Ron is the eldest sibling then there is me, Bob, Kathy, Roger. Of course there is mom and dad too, making a family of seven. I always wanted two children a boy and a girl (preferably in that order) but only had the one boy, Kris. I guess having more children was not meant to be for me. However, Kris and Jamie blessed me with two Grand Children whom I love dearly. I thank heaven for that.

Half my family lives in Florida, I, and the other half in Michigan. After spending the last 27 years in Michigan, I would like to be in Florida soon where someday I will retire there.

Norm's Grandaughters.


My son has blessed me with two beautiful grandaughters, Madison and Rylee. I enjoy spending time with them. I must say though, It seems like they are growing up too fast.