About Me

My father was Security Police in the US Navy and had been stationed in the Azores. Nearing his discharge, he was transferred to the naval base in Bangor, Maine and I was born practically the day he and my mother arrived. I was born at the hospital on the US Air-Force base there (which now is a county hospital).

As a child, we moved a lot and so I grew up in Norfolk, VA; Kalamazoo, MI; Lansing, MI; Morton, IL; and finally Flushing, MI where I live today.

I attended Junior High School and Senior High School in Flushing. My father by example instilled a great work ethic upon me and I started working as soon as I had a driverís license at age 16 when I took a Co-op job through my high school at Harry's Camera Shop. I had been a photography student since 4th grade and had my own darkroom in a converted closet below the basement steps at my home and photography student for 4 years in the high school art department. It seems I was in love with technology even back then.

Norm Coleman


I bought my 1st computer in 1984 and spent hours on it learning how to use it.

I have been using Microsoft Word since 1989 and the Office suite of software since it 1st came on the market.

I have also designed about 50 websites over the years for clients and myself.