Local 542 of The American Federation of Musicians

About Local 542 (click bars to expand):

In 2005 I met Joe Boettger, president of Local 542 of the AFM when I called needing access to some vintage equipment for a recording project. We met and in discussions about the industry as a whole and more specifically here in the area, we found we had very similar views. It wasn't long after our first meeting he asked me if I would like to get involved by becoming a member of the local's Board of Directors.

A few months later the Vice Presidents seat became vacant and I was appointed to that position. I held the position for three years and then stepped down to become a board member, CTO and Chairman of the publishing committee. I currently hold these positions. This is primarily a volunteer position for which I receive expense reimbursments totaling about $45 per month.

I will continue to chair the publication committee and act as CTO from whatever location I end up in. I have set up remote access and will guide the Secretary/Treasurer in procedures which I cannot be there to perform directly. This does not take up but a few hours a month of my time and can be done on personal time from home.

Job Description (click to expand):

Under Construction - coming soon

  • As Vice President
  • As a Member of the Board of Directors
IT @ Local 542 (click to expand):
  • Built a small network and currently administer the network which includes DSL modem, Wireless 802.11g router, 2 PC workstations(wired), three laptops (wireless), a network printer,copier, fax, scanner, document feeder(wired). System secured by WPA2 and mac address filtering for wireless access.
  • I also am Chairman of the publications committee. I designed and produce the quarterly news letter and keep the Local's website and social media sites which, include FaceBook and Myspace.



American Federation of Musicians

I can't say that I am pro-union or anti-union, but I do believe that unions have had a purpose in our society and are a needed component of our society. I think in the world of music they are currently a very needed component. If you are a serious musician you should check out these sites for information regarding the benefits of being a member of the local in your area. 


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